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Your comments & reviews for SHEERSEO

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Visit SheerSEO. Download and test for yourself.
We look forward to your comments.

Typical SEO Software Clients
Clients of SEO software are either SEO professionals or businesses.

Each client has different needs and thus needs different features.
The SEO professional needs to manage many clients. Some only need the rank reporting and some want to use the more advanced features.
The businesses only need 1-2 domains there. Some of those businesses only need basic features and some could use more advanced features, but they don’t have time for a product that needs a lot of learning.

Here are some of the main features of SheerSEO online software.
• Track Rankings
• Keyword Explorer
• Estimate Traffic
• SEO Audit
• Analyze Backlinks
• Directory Submission
• Use G. Analytics & G. Search Console
• Twitter
• FacebookBlog Reviews
• Content Benchmarking
• Mailed Reports
• Indexed Pages
• Tracking Competitors
• Backlink Checker
• Summary
• Optimization Targets
• Focus on your most valuable keywords. Improve and track on-page and off-page SEO.
• Agency Account
• White label
• Keyword Density

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